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SPC click floor conquers the world's three magic keys worth your love.


Latest company news about SPC click floor conquers the world's three magic keys worth your love.

There are many kinds of PVC flooring,why consumers prefer to choose SPC flooring to decorate their space?What kind of advantages does it have?

1,With better design in constructure

There are two types of PVC flooring on the market, one with a click system, another is smooth edge without click,installed with glue. There is a lock button design on the edge of the click floor,installation is very easy without any glue.SPC lock flooring can buckle firmly to avoid displacement. Proper installation makes it almost seamless with function of dust-free, waterproof. No worry of flooring edge curl up,deformation,with longer life time,more practical in daily life.

2,Installation without glue, more environmentally friendly

Some self-adhesive PVC flooring with glue on back, tear off the back paper can be stick on the ground. However, there are two issues to consider for the self-adhesive floor. First, whether the glue itself is environmentally friendly or if the formaldehyde meets the standard. Glue with poor quality may cause a health problem. As time goes by, the glue may age, harden, thereby bonding strength will loose.

More recommended to use glue-free installation SPC click flooring without environmental concerns, with a buckle fixed, more secure stability. Usually the back of the glue-free flooring will use polymer materials, and with anti-slip.anti-moisture performance, better adapt to wet weather, reduce the maintenance times.

3.Better overall effect

In the production of SPC locking floor,it adopts advanced laser verification quality detection system, that is, laser automatic verification, to avoid height difference,make sure the click more fine and smooth. SPC click flooring with industrial standards to reduce the error of manual installation standards.During installation,insert one floor to another floor by gently tap can be done.

Due to the lock force, floor will extend around with the change of temperature, to avoid deformation and curl up.

It worthy if your love! This is why SPC lock floor to conquer the world's!

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