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Reasons for the popularity of vinyl flooring


Latest company news about Reasons for the popularity of vinyl flooring
Reasons for the popularity of vinyl flooring
Latest company news about Reasons for the popularity of vinyl flooring

According to the report of President Lu Bin of China Forestry Industry Association on the scene of this year's World Flooring Conference, in 2018, China's annual floor production and sales were about 89 million, of which wood and bamboo flooring were about 500 million, SPC and PVC flooring were about 360 million, an increase of 85% compared with the same period in 2007, of which 350 million were exported. Wood-plastic flooring is about 30 million feet. PVC flooring is a hot market in the world due to:

1.The concept of consumers'environmental protection and safe consumption has been gradually formed. The advantages of PVC floor, such as health, environmental protection, waterproof and skid-proof, formaldehyde-free and so on, are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

2.The rising cost of manpower promotes consumers to choose PVC flooring. The installation of traditional flooring materials such as wood flooring and ceramic tile is tedious and requires high installation cost. While PVC flooring is easy to install and has low installation cost, so it is welcomed by consumers. (Domestic consumers do not have DIY decoration habits, usually choose decoration companies for construction, coupled with domestic decoration manpower cost is far lower than that of developed areas abroad, installation cost is not the primary consideration of consumers, so the advantages of pvc floor installation in China can not be brought into play for the time being;

3.The improvement of production technology has greatly improved the quality of products; the improvement of key technologies and processes, such as floor UV layer treatment technology and embossed in registered-setting technology, has improved the quality of products. The development of technology has also made the simulation of PVC floor more and more prominent, achieving no difference in visual and tactile effects, and making the foot feel as good as wood floor level, which makes the traditional floor decoration possible. Compared with materials, the competitive advantage is further revealed. In addition, the varieties, colors and specifications of PVC elastic flooring are constantly enriched. Especially with the improvement of printing fabric production technology and the decrease of cost, the production enterprises of PVC flooring can customize different patterns and designs according to customers'preferences, which can better meet consumers' individualized needs for flooring.

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