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LVT flooring-Unique style:steel plate flooring


Latest company news about LVT flooring-Unique style:steel plate flooring
LVT flooring-Unique style:steel plate flooring

In the flooring market, there is a new flooring type:steel-board look. Many people still don't know about this kind of flooring. Let's introduce it today

According to the log pattern, the PVC color film with the same texture and embossed pressed steel plate are made, so that the texture and depth of the steel plate and PVC color film are completely consistent, concave and convex are natural and real.

Labor and capacity: only 3 people are needed for each production line, with a daily output of more than 700 ㎡.


Embossed precision: this technology has been improved on the basis of the original, so that the qualified rate of the product has reached more than 95%.


By knowing so much, do you still think price is the only standard to determine the quality of steel plate texture? Therefore, only after you have a real understanding of the product technology, you will feel that high-quality products can make you more relaxed and comfortable to buy.


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