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How to Clean Vinyl Floors: 10 Tips You Need to Know 1#


Latest company news about How to Clean Vinyl Floors: 10 Tips You Need to Know 1#
How to Clean Vinyl Floors: 10 Tips You Need to Know 1#

If you’re here, you probably have some questions about how to clean vinyl floors. No worries! We have all the tips you need to keep your vinyl flooring beautiful for years to come. Let’s get started!

Vinyl plank flooring is known as an inexpensive and easy way to get the sought-after wood-looking flooring in your home. Vinyl plank flooring offers a realistic wood-look with a lot less upkeep than traditional wood flooring.

After all, hardwood floors aren’t waterproof and require waxing, sealing and refinishing. Who has time for all that? Not, I!

That’s what makes vinyl flooring a great alternative. It’s notoriously low maintenance and easy to clean. There is also vinyl flooring that is waterproof! All these features make vinyl flooring the perfect alternative to real hardwood.

Cleaning flooring is nobody’s favorite thing, but with these tips, cleaning your vinyl floors will be a breeze!

1) Prevent Dirt Before it Happens


Doormats: Shoes can track in dirt and tiny rock particles that will scrape against your flooring and eventually wear down the wear layer over time. To help your floor last as long as possible, use a doormat to shake off any loose particles before walking into your home. Tip: rubber can discolor vinyl- be sure to choose a doormat without a rubber backing.

Take Off Your Shoes: While you’re at it, why not take off your shoes when you get home? This might be especially important if you work in a profession where rocks and gravel might get stuck to your shoes.


2) Sweep Often


mop, broom, and dust pan


A daily sweeping routine will do wonders with maintaining your vinyl flooring. Like I said before, dirt contains hard edges that scrape against your flooring as it’s tracked across. Sweeping often will keep your floor looking pristine, longer.


We suggest using a soft bristle broom for sweeping. It’s more gentle on the floor and still gets the job done.

3) Use Mild Soap

woman cleaning vinyl plank flooring

There’s a lot of great vinyl cleaning products out there, but a lot of the time, those products might be too harsh for weekly moppings and are better used for deep cleans. Luckily, DIY floor cleaner works just as well for daily cleanings! Here are a few recipes for DIY vinyl flooring cleaner:

Cleaning with Vinegar:

1c Vinegar : 1GL Warm Water

Apple cider vinegar is known as an eco-friendly cleaning product. It’s great at getting off grime and dirt without using harsh chemicals. If you’re looking to disinfect while cleaning, you can use distilled white vinegar instead.

Cleaning with Dish Soap:

1tbs Dish Soap : 1GL Warm Water

Dish soap is a heavier duty cleaning agent for deep cleaning. It smells better than vinegar, but requires more diligent rinsing to prevent soap build-up on your floor.


Baby Oil; Essential Oil

To add a little shine or a better smell to your vinegar solution, try adding a few drops of baby oil or essential oil to your DIY floor cleaner. Not too much, though, or you’ll create build-up!


4) Choose the Right Vacuum

Vacuums with beater bars are not the friendliest for vinyl flooring. What’s a beater bar? It’s a bristled brush that spins at the base of the vacuum; it’s great for picking up dirt, but not great for hard flooring.

Make sure you vacuum with the beater bar turned off to keep the abrasive brush from scraping your flooring too harshly.


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